Dear Ron,
    We are very happy we contracted with you to do our landscape lighting.  Like my husband David told you, we had experimented with those “do-it-yourself” lighting kits from one of the home improvement stores and we were very disappointed with the results.  Not only did the results look cheap, we were constantly trying to fix problems with it.
    It’s been almost a year now since you totally upgraded our landscape lighting and it is simply gorgeous!  Our friends always compliment us on how beautifully our outdoor lighting looks now.
    We just wanted to say thank you for such a high quality and affordable job!
           David & Karen H.
           Treasure Island, FL.

Dear Nightvisions,
    We just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful job you did with the landscape lighting at our grandmothers house.  Our only intent was to provide additional lighting for her yard so that she could go outside safely in the evening to walk her dog.
    We are still in awe at how her walkways look so “majestic” now when the path lighting automatically turns on at dusk.  It’s amazing that such a practical solution could yield such beautiful results.
    We would highly recommend your services to anyone needing landscape lighting.
           Barry & Linda B.
           Tampa, FL.

Hey Ron,
    Well, just as I suspected… my parents came by the other day and they saw the awesome job you did on the landscape lighting.  Once they heard what you charged me, they wouldn’t stop bothering me for your phone number.
    I must admit, I think the neighbors are jealous!  I can’t believe how good my yard looks now.  It’s like I am living in one of those expensive model homes.  I just wanted to say “thanks” and to let you know to be expecting a call from my parents!
           Rich W.
           Clearwater, FL